How to hide the main menu and other elements when WP Mobile Menu is active?

This  two fields are very important because they are responsible to hide the theme default menu when the WP Mobile Menu is triggered.

The hide elements by default it’s a selection of the most common css selectors used in the most used WordPress themes. The idea

The idea it’s to automatically hide the theme menu but that’s not always possible.

That’s why in the Hide Elements field you can specify whatever css selector or html id to hide any desired element. You can use css class or IDs.

If you have any difficulty identifying the necessary css/html selectors, please use the Support Page and send us the site url and an screenshot identifying what element/elements you want to remove. We will quickly help you to resolve it.

Using the browser inspector to identify the correct element

This video will show how to use the browser inspector to identify the correct element to hide. In this example we are using the Chrome browser.