Features Changelog

Free version changelog

Free version changelog


Pro version changelog

2.6 Version released on 2018-07-06

New Features

– Footer Menu Section
– Woocommerce Sliding Cart
– Woocommerce Product Shop Filter
– Woocommerce Cart Menu Icon


2.5 Version released on 2018-01-11

New Features
-Header search bar
-Menu animation – Slideout from Top
-Menu animation – Slideout Over Content
-Close button in the Slideout Over animation
-Auto-hide header when scrolling down. Header reappears when you scroll up
-Highlight current page menu item
-Icons stacked above /below the menu item
-Logo and text at the same time


– Woocommerce image height issues

2.4 Version released on 2017-04-06

– 2000+ Icons (FontAwesome, Fontelicon, Iconic, Entypo, Typicons)
– Header Banner(above and below the header)
– 3rd Depth Menu Levels
– Menus only visible for logged in users
– Disable Mobile Menus in specific pages
– Alternative menus per page
– Retina Logo
– Use the page title for the header text
– Copyright section
– Menu Display – Overlay Menu Display

Left Menu Icon
WP Mobile Menu